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Blue Ridge Fly Shop Fishing In Georgia

If you are a fan of fly fishing, then there is a good chance you have already fished Blue Ridge Georgia or it is on your list. The Toccoa River, as well as the surrounding waters, has so many great places to fish that fit what every your favorite way to fish is. Fly Fishing is one of the more popular ways to fish in the area due to the diversity of fly fishing and how well it adapts to the various terrain of the river. You have the ability to fish right in the water when the bank is narrow or non existent. If you wander over to the wider portions of the river you can wade right in to do your fishing. The area is a trout fishing gem of a place that you will absolutely want to share with others once you get a chance to visit us.

The Town

The town, just under 1500, may seem small but has just as many activities packed into the area most cities far larger do. Not only that but it maintains its charming small town feel. The kind of town you can wander through and when you visit, feel like you are visiting a place that is a second home. No matter what you do in the town you feel welcome, as if you are visiting friends and family. When you hire a guide you feel like you are simply going out fishing with some new friends.

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Shop

After you wander your way through town, or go straight there depending on your rush, you are ready to get to the best materials for fly fishing in blue ridge. There is no better place  to get  these  than  at  a  local  shop. The shops around are going to have all  the  guides and accessories  that  they  know  you  will  need in the local waters. If you didn’t get to talk to one of our guides beforehand, when you visit the  shop  there’s  a  great  chance  one  of  the  workers has  been  a  guide  themselves.  At the very least they have been fly  fishing in the blue ridge area quite often.

Where to get fly fishing rods

A great spot in town to check out is Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods, where you can get Handmade Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods. These rods are delicately made by a family that has passed down the craft from generation to generation. They offer a way to create your perfect rod, one that you can pass down through your own family. They also carry an assortment of traditionally styled reels, lines, and accessories.

Where to get fly fishing accessories

If you are more of a beginner or looking for a lower price fly rod Cohutta Fishing Company has a great shop, along with some really great options when it comes to lower price rods, as well as accessories. On top of the rods they sell they have fly reels, packs and vest, as well as fly lines. Another great shop is the Toccoa River Outfitters Fly Shop. One of the great things about this shop is they offer a full Fly Fishing package to get you ready and equipped with every thing you will need on the river.

After you get your gear and flies be sure to book with us so you can try it out!

You Can’t Go Wrong Fly Fishing Blue Ridge

Not only does Blue Ridge have amazing stores where you get some really cool fly fishing gear. It also has the great advantage of having so many beautiful spots to try out those accessories and rods. Check out these other great things to do in town when you visit us.  You’ll find that you want to share your whole trip with your friends and family, the trout you catch while fly fishing and the various memorabilia in the town. Check these out below.

Where to Stay

There are so many amazing places and options that you have when to comes to places to stay in the breathtaking area that is Blue Ridge Ga.

What to do in town and around

There are so many activities going on in this area it is hard to choose which ones you are going to do in your time here. We created a handy guide on just a few of the options to help the whole family find something they love.

Book a Trip

Fannin County isn’t called the “Trout Capital of Georgia” by accident. With so much fishable water and a tremendous amount of diversity, Blue Ridge, and the surrounding area, offers endless opportunities for anglers.










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