Things to do in Blue Ridge Ga Mountains

Town of Blue Ridge Ga

Blue Ridge Ga is full of hundreds of different activities. When you come to visit you are sure to find your favorite things to do on vacation as well as discover some new things to do in blue ridge. There is no wrong choice when it comes to deciding how to fill your days. Blue Ridge’s town may be a bit smaller than Atlanta but the amount of great things to do in the town will surprise you. You will not regret your travel plans when you choose blue ridge ga as your vacation visit. There are so many attractions in and near blue ridge on and around the mountains and in town. Whatever your interest and hobbies are, you are bound to find it around blue ridge. Who knows, maybe you will even find a new interest among all the activities.

Try an adventure with great views in the trees with several activities

If you are the type to stroll through the woods and wish you could see the scenic view looking down from the trees than ziplining is a perfect adventure for you. The Blue Ridge Adventure Park right in town has the courtesy of bringing all your aerial thrill needs to one scenic place. During your visit not only can you zipline through the trees, there is also an entire obstacle course with various challenging things to do for when you want to try more extreme fun activities. Aerial parks are a completely different experience everywhere you go.

Visit one of the amazing restaurants

The south is known for its amazing food and Blue Ridge’s food scene is no exception. With options that fall within any price range, in blue ridge there is a restaurant that fits your occasion. All around town you can find prices that range from a fast and casual stop to a scenic fancy dinner with the incredible views of the mountains. There are always deals to be found no matter the day of the week. The most important thing to remember is when you visit us in any restaurant in this Georgia town you are sure to feel welcome and have some of the best culinary experiences you will not forget.

Blue Ridge Mountains

Go for a hike in the mountains with scenic views

Whether you are an adventure hiker or prefer a casual walk there is a scenic trail for you that ends in a great view. The blue ridge mountains have so many scenic spots that can be accessed by multiple ways of travel. There is the long route where you start in town or at the bottom of one of the ridge mountains, or the shorter trails that are as easy as driving right up near to the top of the mountains that overlook the Georgia town. Both offer the chance for amazing photos of blue ridge’s most scenic mountains, as well as great spots for some great photos or even a picnic. There are so many trails around blue ridge mountains that fit the type of hike you are looking for, you can be right near town or as far out in nature as you would like to go.

Learn about the history of the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Ga area is full of historical facts anyone with a love of history would enjoy. While it is not always the first thought when it comes to things to do in blue ridge, it is just as interesting as any of the other attractions in blue ridge. You can visit several places in and around town for an interesting dive into the history of the historical area. This list. Gives you a look at all the towns around and a bit about each of their histories. The Visitors Center is a great way to get any questions you have about the blue ridge ga mountains area answered. Another great spot to check out for the history lovers is the historic fannin county courthouse which is now home to the art center. This art center is a great address to check out as blue ridge is listed as one of the top five art towns in georgia. There is also a great walking tour travel info that give you great details about the area while you walk around town

Go for a scenic drive around blue ridge with incredible photo ops

One of the most scenic places in the southeast, in the blue ridge mountains you will not have a bad view. If you are looking for a more relaxing route of things to do, take one of the scenic roads and travel around the blue ridge ga mountains. The passenger will be able to take incredible photos from their seat, or pick one of the many spots to pull over on the mountain and look out onto the other blue ridge mountain. On the right side you might even be able to see all the way to the town of Mccaysville.

One of the more popular options when it comes to things to do in blue ridge: Water activities.

The water surrounding the blue ridge area was such pure mineral waters that it was once thought of as an elite health resort. There is something for everyone when it comes to the numerous activities to do in and around the river.

Fishing in River

The highest recommended activities around is fishing on one of the amazing and peaceful Blue Ridge rivers

One of the oldest past times on any river is fishing, and where better to do so than in the trout capital of Georgia. If you have a passion for fishing or have been wanting to try it out the toccoa river is the perfect place to do it. If classic fishing is your usual go to there is no better time to try the incredible fishing method that is fly fishing. Appalachian Anglers takes people from all skill sets and pairs them with local guides who have fished every area of the Toccoa and can take them to the exact spot to find whatever they are looking for. Learn more about the various services they offer HERE

Tube Down the River

Another scenic and relaxing option that fits any occasion. It is a great way to relax with family and friends while floating down a scenic river with an incredible view the whole way. All ages will have fun relaxing on the water, swimming in the water when the sun gets too hot, and stopping for snacks or lunch on a dry bank beside the river when you need food.

Kayak/ Canoe

If you want something more adventurous than tubing down the river, try going down it in a kayak or canoe. This allows you to hit the faster parts of the river where all the rapids are and get a more exciting ride. Still a great option for families with older children or friends looking for a more exciting time on the river. Whether its a kayak, canoe, or raft there is no wrong way to go down the rapids.

Go for a swim

When the day gets hot Blue Ridge offers so many options to help cool off. If you want to go straight to the water there are 16 waterfalls within an easy travel distance around Blue Ridge. There are also 8 parks where you can jump straight in the water from man made beaches. You can also splash around the toccoa river.

Family Fun Activities

Blue Ridge truly is a place for all ages. Coming here you know that there is something of interest to everyone in the family, no matter the age. Every place you travel during your vacation gives you access to family friendly fun, both in town and around in the water and mountains.

Family fun in blue ridge ga

Family Fun in town

Right in the heart of downtown you can hop on The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway which is sure to be a hit for those that need a slower pace activity of simply looking at the incredible view from the train window while you travel through the blue ridge mountains. Another great option is to get in touch with nature by going on a horse ride at one of many stables. If you prefer to just look at animals there is always the lovely farm in town. This is a great option for the kids that love animals but are not quite ready or old enough to say on the back of one like a trail ride would require. If your kids are a bit older there are always the ever popular Escape Rooms that take family bonding to a whole new level when it comes to things to do in blue ridge ga. You also have the classic bowling and/or mini golf

Family fun around the area

If you feel like venturing out a little further there are many great options as well, like renting a pontoon boat at Lake Blue Ridge Marina. No matter the time of year there is always fun to be had on a boat. There is also the family fun Lily Pad Village located only 7.5 miles away. If you or someone in your family is more of a foodie, only a mile outside of town are the family fun Mercier Orchards where you can pick your own strawberries, blueberries, and apples while still being near to blue ridge. No matter your age this is bound to be something everyone enjoys and a great place to have a picnic after.

Before you leave

Before you head out there are tons of places to buy some great souvenirs to take home so that you forever remember your time in blue ridge georgia. If you enjoy taking things you can wear back from your visit you are sure to find something you like from Blue Ridge Adventure Wear If you love deals and sweeping up rare finds you might prefer Blue Ridge Antique Mall & Consignment Store. There is always something interesting and unique to buy and bring away from antique stores. With so much style in the blue ridge area you are bound to find something that you can not find anywhere else. Blue Ridge Mountain Mall is another great location to find some great blue ridge ga souvenirs from your travel. If you want to bring back some unique Georgia food or a plethora of the typical ‘souvenirs’ then Hucks General Store is the place for must visit. There is even an old style candy store there with old fashion prices that the whole family will enjoy. No matter where you choose to get your souvenirs from, there are deals out there and prices that will not break the bank. Our personal recommendation for a fun and unique souvenir is a fish that will make a delicious reminder of your trip

Fishing in Blue ridge ga

At the end of the day

After everything is said and done the wonders of the area do not stop. There are so many wonderful and beautiful places to lay your head down at the end of the day whether you are looking at a hotel, home, or cabin rentals. The place you decide to sleep at in your home away from home matters just as much as what you decide to do during the day. The good news is, what ever your preference is there are so many options: Cabins, Hotels, Glamping, and various other stays. No matter your budget there are hotel prices that are gonna align with your budget on your visit to blue ridge. You can find great deals as well as places that come with a lot of courtesy amenities, the most common being a great view of the closest mountain or river. There are hotels that are right in the middle of town and cabin rentals where there is limited phone service. Not only can you get the privacy you are looking for with all these amazing places with incredible addresses with a great view, the only details left to plan are how you are getting here