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Blue Ridge, Fly Fishing, and the Guides to get you there

The Blue Ridge Georgia area holds so many wonderful places to fly fish. With all the options it can be a little overwhelming to refine the specifics. With so many trip, shop, and guide options it is nice to have a good overview of them in one place. Blue ridge has amazing fly fishing options, especially when it comes to trout fishing.

What Fishing Accessories to get in the shop

Fly fishing has so many specifics to it. We created this handy guide on everything to fly fish in blue ridge and beyond. If you are not familiar with the waters of North Georgia, this beautiful place will soon feel like home. Any shop you walk into will will be more than happy to help and will have anything you could need.

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The North Georgia Area

Blue Ridge is a north Georgia town that truly feels like home once you get here. The waters around are not only pristine for fly fishing, but also an amazing downtown area that contains all the supplies, like specific the flies that work best in the area, you could need to fly fish. Fly Fishing has so many tiny accessories that can really enhance the experience. You can also get guide books on fly fishing in the area that can help you pinpoint where you want to go and what accessories you want to get before you go out.

Why use Guides

Sometimes you just do not have time to look up every detail about the area before you get there. Even if you do have time to research the blue ridge Georgia fly fishing area, there is only so much you can learn by reading. The best spots are not going to be widely written about because as any great fisherman knows, the more people that know about the area the more overfished that area is going to be. That is why the best way to get the most out of your fly fishing experience in Blue Ridge is to hire a guide. A guide can take you to the best locations that you aren’t going to find in just any guide book. A guide is able to take you exactly where you need to be depending on your skill, the type of fish you are looking for and the location you prefer.

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Fly Fishing Trips

At Appalachian Anglers we offer many fly fishing trip options that suit everyone There are fishing trips for those who have all day, or if you only have time to book a half day trip we still have you covered. We take care of more than just the fly fishing side of the day. On the full day trips we include lunch, drinks, and even a cooler full of ice to that you can bring along your favorite drinks as well. We also provide both float trips, where you fly fish from the comfort of a boat, as well as guided walk and wade trips. We even have options to fish in either public or private waters. The only thing required before you show up is a valid Georgia fishing license, along with a trout stamp that you can purchase here.

Why You Want Local Fly Fishing Guides For Your Trip

With all the options out there you want to make sure that you are going choosing guides you trust. Our guides are local and know the area incredibly well. They only lead fishing trips to areas they know in north Georgia. This are is their home, where they learned to fish and grew up fine tuning their fly fishing skills in the blue ridge waters. Appalachian Anglers is Blue Ridge’s only locally owned and operated guided service. When you book us you book guides who are watching the waters daily, fly fishing in their free time and thus able to bring you up to date info on the water. That way, when they take you out they know exactly where to go and what accessories to bring to get the most out of your guided trip. Each fly fishing guide does everything in their power to help you succeed.

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Help with the rest

Whether the entirety of your trip is focused around fly fishing, or you are coming to the area for a whole range of activities, we have guides to help you. Blue Ridge Georgia is an incredible area full of shops and activities for the whole family. Here is handy info if you need to find that home away from home and once you’re here in Blue Ridge there are so many great things to do and places to shop.

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